Do You Know What Is In Your Contraceptives?

Since I started puberty I had a crazy horrible cycles. Sometimes I would have to stay home from school because I was cramping or bleeding so much. I don’t know a woman who enjoys getting her period (unless it is accompanied with a treat box full of chocolates, feminine supplies, teas and wonderful other things that can come in the mail…get one of those if you can afford it. ;)) When I was 16 my mother had had enough, and I think she was getting scared, she told the OB that we needed to go ahead with the birth control. I was on birth control for about 4 years….and then I stopped. I haven’t been on birth control since.

I had a lot of complications with birth control. If I missed one day, I would have a period that lasted for a month, or I wouldn’t have a period at all. The last straw was during finals week, I actually hadn’t been on birth control for the past month because I couldn’t get a refill until I saw the doctor, and I had to get home to see the doctor. I was going through more than a pad an hour. I couldn’t sit through a final without leaking through my pants. It was mortifying, I needed something to stop it! I called “Dial-A-Nurse” and she promptly told me to go to the emergency room …I told her if I went to the emergency room every time this happened to me, I would be there several times a year. She hung up the phone on me.

And then I asked my friend, Mac, who was studying pre-med. She was brilliant, and knew everything. She put me in a car, drove me to a store, and bought me some herbal teas and some evening primrose oil. Evening Primrose Oil has been my go-to ever since to ease the monthly madness.

Until I was diagnosed with PCOS, I didn’t really understand what was happening to me, I just knew I needed the bleeding to stop, or at least slow down, in order to be semi-functional through the month. Once I got the diagnosis, and my EMT/Paramedic-student husband started doing research, I actually start understanding how my body worked.

Now this is interesting, because my mother was a health teacher. I was taught in second grade that I had eggs in my ovaries, and when I ovulated (which really doesn’t happen in my life) my ovaries would release an egg and it would travel down through the Fallopian tubes into my Uterus where it was waiting with some nice new cushy bloody lining, where it could settle if I was going to make a baby. If I wasn’t, the tissue and the egg would wash out of me, and I would have a period. (She didn’t want me to be scared when it happened.) I have known HOW my body is SUPPOSED to work since I was 8.

It is HEALTHY for us to ovulate. It is WHAT our body is SUPPOSED to do!

Unfortunately, my body doesn’t work that way. If you read my last post on how I Make Cysts, it will give you a better understanding on what is going on in my body currently.

Since it is natural and normal for us to ovulate regularly, stopping any natural process of the body would be detrimental for our health. We don’t stop our blood from pumping, or our bladder from emptying, or our nose from running (though we blow it in a tissue to get it out). If those things stopped, we would need to go to the hospital. So why are we stifling a natural process of our body and expecting to get healthy results? That doesn’t make any sense. The Pill is like a band-aid over a wound that needs stitches. Your going to end up with a nasty scar if things aren’t taken care of properly.

11 Reasons Why I Do Not Use Synthetic Contraceptives For Birth Control

  1. According the the US National Library of Medicine, the Pill can increase insulin resistance. NOT a great option for cysters who are already prone to it.
  2. According to the American Physiological Society, the Pill is associated with lower hormone levels, and can impair muscle growth.
  3. The US National Library of Medicine also cites a study that states that the Pill can increase our testosterone levels. Again, not great for women suffering from PCOS.
  4. The National Cancer Institute states that the Pill can increase the risk of breast and cervical cancer, while it can also decrease the risk of endometrial ovarian, and colorectal cancer. Considering that The World Cancer Research Fund states that women are almost three times as likely to have breast cancer than any of the other types of cancer, I wouldn’t really want to further increase those odds for myself.
  5. The American Heart Association says that the use of contraceptives can increase the risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke. I am already at risk for heart disease because I have PCOS. Thank you very much.
  6. The drug company Mereck shelled out over a $100 million dollars in settlement lawsuits due to harm caused by the NuvaRing from injuries and blood clots.
  7. A study published by the British Medical Journal that women using hormonal non-oral contraceptives were twice as likely to form blood clots.
  8. A few studies showed that, synthetic hormones, such as those used in contraceptives change the structure of our brains, which can cause us to have less verbal fluency, less emotional empathy and greater spacial awareness….sounds like a man to me…. (Second Reference)
  9. Several studies over the years have shown that women who take oral contraceptives have a higher risk of needing and taking anti-depressants at a later point in their lives.
  10. IUD’s release synthetic progesterone over the course of implantation. We already know that synthetic hormones are not beneficial to our bodies, but there are other complications and risks as well. Mirena’s own website states that some common risks and side effects include development of cysts, missed periods, or your period may stop. Again, it is NATURAL for your body to have a period. Anything that stops your body from having a period, stops your body from ovulation. While this may SEEM convenient, it is not healthy. The device may puncture uterine walls, cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ectopic pregnancies, and birth defects as stated on their own website! I already have cysts, and messed up periods thank you.
  11. The Shot can cause ectopic pregnancies, increased risk of breast cancer, jaundice, anaphylaxis, loss of bone density, menstrual irregularities, depression, and weight gain among other things according to The Food and Drug Administration.

What are we doing to our bodies in the name of convenience? And WHY on earth are our doctors prescribing us synthetic hormones that not only mask our symptoms, and make us unaware of our Natural Cycle, but can actually exacerbate short and long term effects of PCOS???

While I’m at it I just want to run some effectiveness numbers by you:

Synthetic hormones are not my answer to my hormone disorder. There has to be a better way, a way that will not just mask the inconvenient symptoms, while creating more problems that cannot currently be seen.

***Note: In my research, I came across this article, this article and this article. They are worth reading.

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